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YESSSSSSS: I've finished school for the year! My penultimate year of highschool is over, after going in last Friday to submit a whole load of sheets and things for re-enrolment and to receive my end-of-year report. This is awesome, and my report wasn't awful, I'm proud to say - actually it was really good! And I have two months of holidays, now, so basically I have done jackshit for the past week, aside from becoming essentially nocturnal and living on my couch with an endless supply of DVDs and books. BEAUTIFUL. But this is before the EPIC BATTLE (or so they say) that is Year Twelve, oh god. I'm scared, you guys, hold me?

My hairfs have been cut - I went to the hairdresser yesterday, and told the guy cutting my hair that I didn't really give a crap about what he did as long as long as I looked human, and I now look like an Audrey Kawasaki character - though not disgustingly rake-thin (just add an extra ten or so kilos and there you go, blub blub blub). It's not bad.

Tomorrow I am going out with Coral to wreak havoc on the city of Melbourne and get my folio and paintings and other things from Studio. Coral has a day off exams so she called me and wanted to know whether I wanted to chill with her for the day, and she realised last night that we've never actually been drunk together. THIS MUST BE RECTIFIED IMMEDIATELY. In the meantime, the purchasing of sex rolls, trawling of Chinatown and other such us-things will be done before I haul myself off to my job interview, hurray! Friday, I'm thinking of going to the beach, down the Frankston line to Carrum and kicking back with a few people. Hrm.

Hey, all the Goldfrapp fans I know (there are a few of you out there, right?) - THE NEW ALBUM IS REALLY QUITE GOOD. Seventh Tree was due to be released on February 25th with first single 'A&E' to come out on the twelfth, but somebody has apparently got a hold of the album and leaked it onto torrent sites three months early. Amazing, the power of the internet. It took me six hours to download on dial-up, but wow, definitely worth it. Very summery and folksy, a definite departure from the glamorous, disco vibe on Supernature - which, to be honest, wasn't all that great, Black Cherry crapped all over it.

Sean (and by proxy, Leigh) - have fun in pantsy-France, okay? Will miss you.
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do not give way to pride

I was followed home today by a guy in my Philosophy class. All the way down to Bell St. Goddamnit, Ed is one crazy mofo. And I love Wednesday night television, so, so much. Have some thoughts on House!

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Wait, hang on - Channel Ten in Australia advertised this as the ~~season finale~~, so I assumed there wouldn't be any more episodes coming. But from what I've been reading on the internets, there are a few left. . ? Whatever.

And guess who just accidentally-on-purpose clicked on a spoiler link and know who's going to be on the final team? OH GOD WHY DID I DO THAT. No, but out of curiosity: let's say we got back the first forty. Who would you have picked out of them to make up the team?

Also, The Chaser Decides was particularly amazing. I wish it were election time all the time, the political satire is by far what the boys do best. Also, they look pretty damn nice in suits, heh heh oh my god i'm disgusting
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"oh my god, jules! the bullshit meter's through the roof!"

It's hugelaurie's birthday! Well technically it was yesterday, as it's the seventeenth here, but still. STILL.

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God I want to die, pansy anaemic i-can't-carry-O2-gud blood + monthly loss of said already rather ineffectual blood = oh my, everything is spinning and my head is about to explode won't somebody save me!? I missed going to a post-exams barbecue on Thursday night partially because I'm a douche and totally forgot about it but also because I slept for thirteen hours that night. Last night I went for a half-an-hour walk and came home and collapsed in bed for another twelve hours. SHOOT ME. Please? I SORT OF WANT TO GO ON A POST-EXAMS BENDER but instead I think I'm going out for coffee and print club with various people tomorrow. Or a picnic? Outside Crown with the awesome fountains? The weather is supposed to be insanely warm and happy-bringing, so that's an option too!

So yesterday, being Friday and a day off because I didn't have any exams any more (thank Christ!), I spent the day on the couch with my NCIS DVDs alternately mainlining the Ari arc, and talking to various people on the phone. 'Bête Noire' in particular, where it all starts off, and 'Twilight' too, break my heart. I had more coherent thoughts earlier about this, and the whole Ari thing and how that messed with the team dynamics majorly but my brain seems to have melted. Also, Ari/Kate. So so wrong (let's just conveniently ignore the fact he sniped her down, shall we?), but the hate and the tension between (not to mention Ari's relentless pursuit of her)? See, brain. Gone.

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eta: I forgot to mention: small fandom haikuathon! Come and play!
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I spent all of today at home, doing my Chemistry work and alternately watching Buffy and Doctor Who. Me? Sad? I had the worst stomach cramps or something last night, went to bed at eight, and woke up this morning feeling like I'd been pummeled in the stomach numerous times - so I stayed home. Probably not a good idea, but at least I had time to write a meta for House!

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Who do you all think is going to make up the final team? We could take bets?

Also, I don't know how many of you are into femslash, but ijemanja wrote an excellent Thirteen/Cutthroat Bitch fanfic. Fun and sexy!

ETA: Heh. Apparently my Noir fanfic 'Safe From Harm' came second in the Manifest fanfiction competition? Fuckyeah Seaking!!
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Hurray! I'm viewing the latest season of House, MD on roughly the same schedule as the Americans! Unfortunately, we are exactly one week behind, so I'm fairly certain exactly nobody is going to read this, but let it be known that I put in the effort to review the episode! I mean, I even sat in front of the TV with a notebook and took notes on the episode! Ah, anyway.

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Yesterday - went to the city with my sister and mother, which was good. Blew about half my wages, and found Jonathan chilling in Borders. Turned out he, Sean, Leigh and Rory were going to have a picnic, so later on I ditched my mother and Georgina and met up with those guys. Fun times at Flagstaff Gardens!

Mum has made lemon tart and it is basically PURE SEX. Oh my gosh.

ALSO: I have a new AIM username - i squashed chase is where you can contact me now. Add me otherwise I will feel very very lonely!
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shaken out of the grip of our own pathos

P1. I am lacking in effort.
P2. I am also crap at logic.
C. Here is a list.

a. Meme: Reply to this post, and I will write one thing I love about you. Maybe more than one. Then (if you want) repost to your own journal and spread the love.

b. Miss simmysim, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! I hope your birthday was a million shades of awesome.

c. Headache.

d. I am thinking about going to Sydney sometime during the summer holidays, maybe December? Earlier I had grand delusions about organising an Australian capscon, like the ones the Americans have been having, because damn, how excellent would that be? But then it would also be excellent to meet up with the LJ people I know from Sydneyland, and JetStar tickets are quite cheap ($79 both ways), so we'll see how we go.

e. Still need to finish my free_neutrality ficathon entry. I have the bare bones of a fic, and I need to flesh it out. Now might be a good time to mention I've never made a deadline for one of these things, ever? Speaking of deadlines, homework. Ah.
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My holidays are proving to be kinda fun!

Emma and Giselle had their birthday party in bloody Seaford on Wednesday, right after I got off work. I got to Flinders Street Station after work, and met up with Emma, Jeremy and the rest of the emo kids I'm fairly sure Emma picked up randomly. There is no shortage of those at Flinders! One, with purple hair, was probably the dumbest guy I've ever met, which was an endless source of entertainment for Jeremy and I - every time he opened his mouth something idiotic would come out, no joke, and we'd just look at each other and start sniggering.

Jeremy: So, how much did you make today?
Me: Eighty-five dollars.
Purple-hair: Yeah, that's like. . . [ten second pause, in which it appears he is thinking incredibly hard] eight. . . sacks of goon.

Predictably, most people started getting drunk as soon as they arrived, and the vast majority of people there were hammered by seven-thirty. One of the emo kids was on coke (what a douche), I think - coincidentally this was also the emo kid Jeremy kept on making out with. It was kind of hot. Actually, a LOT of the boys kept hooking up randomly, which was really, really surreal? Jeffkins brought hs girlfriend, who was dressed up as a pirate because it was a costume party, and she was basically the most adorable thing EVER. At one point Sean and I were on a couch, of sorts, armed with drinks and a copy of Sylvia Plath's 'Collected Poems', which then led to me beckoning people over and yelling stanzas I randomly flipped to at them, which was great. Two standard drinks turns me into a monster, apparently. Then again, I'd do that when I was sober, so I don't know what that says about me. Speaking of which, finally finished the damn book at work yesterday. I am still not the biggest fan of Plath, and dear God she got fairly obscene in the last two years of her life - but some of them I quite liked, 'The Queen's Complaint' and 'Edge' especially. For the more literarily-inclined kids on the flist, is The Bell Jar any good?

I got two hours of sleep that night, despite the fact that I went to bed at eleven, because drunk kids are NOISY! Then left for work at seven with Sean, who came with me to the station and headed back to the city. Work is proving to be quite good yet terribly embarrassing, owing to the dirty looks the guy working with me and I received at a lot of stores on asking to purchase cigarettes. Three people yelled at us and sadly, the urge to hug them and congratulate them on their resolve and inform them that I'm-only-working-so-don't-think-too-badly-of-me is pretty strong yet I must resist lest I GET FIRED!!






In capschat yesterday. the topic swung to our heights, and I informed my fellow capslockers that I am actually only 150cm tall (this is about 5"0', I think?). About half an hour after I logged off, I suddenly thought to myself "hang on, I can't really be that short, can I?" So I grabbed a measuring tape, drew a mark where my head was on my wardrobe, and really-boring-story-short I am in fact 152cm tall and a midget.

Coral and I traipsed off to the city today - first to Max Brenner's, where we ate enough chocolately crap to make us feel like munting for the next hour, went up to the fifty-fourth floor of the building next to Melbourne Central for absolutely no reason other than it was convenient and there was a REVOLVING DOOR, deposited my monies at Commonwealth Bank, tried to get into the Eureka Building then complained loudly to ourselves when we discovered it was nine dollars to get in if we weren't residents, went on the ferris wheel kind of near Federation Square, had a peek at the 'Famous' exhibition at the State Library and wondered whether we'd see my old Philosophy teacher there and fapped to the photo of Rudolf Martin (who played Ari in NCIS). It was GOOD CLEAN FUN. Ah, god, who in their right minds would believe that?

I need sleep so bad.
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I'm on holidays now! HOLIDAYS! And what a beautiful feeling it is. Unfortunately, first, I had to go through that old routine where my teachers all decide that because it's the end of term, they can dump inordinate amounts of work on the students because, hey, might as well squeeze in all the torture they can before we're freed!

Luke's party last night wasn't terrible. I had a beer and a UDL and an okay time - unfortunately I am not really the partying type, but the guys there were lovely! On the way to a service station there was a conversation regarding the many nuances of the nerd, which was amusing - the guys were all like "yeah, see, you're a LITERATURE nerd, WE'RE the maths and physics nerds!" and then proceeded to have a conversation about theoretical physics while I walked alongside, laughing hysterically. Cal and Sam are great and I moaned to them for a bit regarding the crap state of my love life (an inane and boring tale which I won't bother you with!). There were lots of videogames, and whenever somebody won at something, they would be forced to do a shot of this mixture of a strange Japanese drink that tasted like burnt rice with vodka Luke tipped in. Damnit, Lia should not be allowed near weed. There may or may not have been a game of strip dada involved in which most of us ended up without our shirts, but you didn't hear it from me!

Work called and they want me to work on the 26th and 27th, which is fabsical because this means I will be making about $200 in TWO DAYS - oh yeah, I am a cash cow baby! Downside: it's in sodding PAKENHAM which means I'll have to be out of the house by seven. Also, Emma's party is on the 26th, which means, ohshit, I'm going to have to leave early the next morning, too. Come on, two hundred dollars, how could I possibly pass that up? I think. I'm not sure, the going rate is $12 an hour, and I'm working from nine to four both days, I think, but. . .

ROCK IT LIKE THAT NORTH MELBOURNE! The Kangas are playing Port right now and they're down about ten points, I think. Oh, I don't know, even if we make it through to the finals, we'd be up against Geelong, and we all saw what happened two weeks ago when we played the Cats - it was not a pretty sight! Nice watching Collingwood get owned, though. Hah.

I have a new header - innit pretty?

edit: Three-quarter time and seventy-eight points down. I'm going to throw up.
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