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Hurray! I'm viewing the latest season of House, MD on roughly the same schedule as the Americans! Unfortunately, we are exactly one week behind, so I'm fairly certain exactly nobody is going to read this, but let it be known that I put in the effort to review the episode! I mean, I even sat in front of the TV with a notebook and took notes on the episode! Ah, anyway.

I was saying to Steph on her post awhile ago that I went into Season 4 with really low expectations - honestly, how could I not, with the absolute shambles that was the Season 3 finale, 'Human Error'. I was like, "hey, if I have really low expectations, maybe the episode will seem less shit than it actually is?" Not a particularly healthy attitude to have, really, but I can roll with that!

And as it turns out, I actually kind of enjoyed the episode. Let's just say it could have been a lot, lot worse.

First complaint, though: the camera work, oh my Gods, the camera work - how utterly inappropriate! It rivalled the lighting in the pilot for title of shittiest technical experiment to date! On a very basic level, it was kinda cool: it could have been a lot worse, and it was kinda fun in that quirky sort of way, but why oh why did they decide to use it for a primetime medical drama? I'm not a film student by any means, so I have no idea for the technical names for the shots and techniques they used, but it would have been much more at home in a small-budgety artsy movie or something? Jesus.

The PoTW wasn't bad. As soon as the camera cut to the boyfriend, though, my sister turned to me and said "You bastard, you wear your watch on your right wrist!" and it took me about ten seconds to get the reference. See, Boyfriend was in an episode of NCIS - he killed this chick McGee was kind of in love with. For anybody who's curious (exactly nobody), the episode is 'Witness' and it's damn good for the mad investigative skills and righteous rage we see from McGee, excellent episode. Anyway. The solution to the case was kind of retarded - sure, it was believable but at the same time, it seemed so utterly lame, you know? I felt really bad for the boyfriend and the mother though, dude. I mean, he'd spent the whole time believing his girlfriend was an alcoholic and on antidepressants, and to find out she'd been dead all along? The fact that he'd doubted her when she was clean all along, ow.

With that drama on feminist, I get that the chick who was all "omg House is a dick" for telling the boyfriend that she'd had an abortion was being a bit sandy, because yes, it's a medical drama and in no way does it reflect real life (I wrote an essay about House for Philosophy which mentioned this a lot, shut up I am not a dork) - but to be honest, I do agree. There didn't really appear to be a need for him to tell, aside from shock value or whatever. BUT WHO CARES IT'S A FUCKING TV DRAMA.

(Actually, my interpretation might be off, because I only saw that scene once. Anybody care to correct me?)

I was really expecting to miss the underlings - Foreman, Chase and Cameron have seemed to be such an integreal part of the show for the past three seasons, but not having them there wasn't too bad. The writers seemed to make up for it by having that guitar subplot. Which, as people have thought, seemed to be pandering to the House/Wilson shippers on the writers' part, but come on, it was still fun. 'Specially when Wilson picked up his newspaper which had all the letters cut out of it, and when House threatened to delete the TiVo.

Dr. Janitor (and his fifty-dollar principles) was excellent. House using him to diagnose the patient by asking him about his favourite floor scrubber - that was pretty clever on the writers' part. And "maybe it's lupus?" That was amusing. Reminded me of that episode of Scrubs where Janitor dresses up as a doctor and follows J.D. around - "you're what we call a goner." Hah.

Loved House's crack about Plath ("You were practically living with Sylvia Plath. You didn't notice that!"), and Cuddy's rejoinder - "Tone it down or I will hit you." Aw, ain't they adorable.

Question: what's happened to Cuddy? It could just my grumpy demeanor colouring the way I see the character, or it could really be that Cuddy's changed a lot since Season 1 - I loved her, back then, and her awesome sexy-sassy-I-could-fuck-your-shit-up demeanor, and House definitely respected her back then. Not that House doesn't respect her, now, but like, I don't think he really pays attention to what she says now? You know? Um.

I quite liked ER Doctor - I know all the House/Cameron fans will be pissing themselves over that. It was quite sweet, I admit. I hear she's getting kicked off next week, though, pity. She was hot. I said to Bubz I'd try to write her fic involving her and Cameron, we'll see how that goes.

Good episode. we'll see how next week goes and maybe my cynical feeling towards the show post-Season 1 might dissolve. Survivor House, booyaka!

Yesterday - went to the city with my sister and mother, which was good. Blew about half my wages, and found Jonathan chilling in Borders. Turned out he, Sean, Leigh and Rory were going to have a picnic, so later on I ditched my mother and Georgina and met up with those guys. Fun times at Flagstaff Gardens!

Mum has made lemon tart and it is basically PURE SEX. Oh my gosh.

ALSO: I have a new AIM username - i squashed chase is where you can contact me now. Add me otherwise I will feel very very lonely!
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