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YESSSSSSS: I've finished school for the year! My penultimate year of highschool is over, after going in last Friday to submit a whole load of sheets and things for re-enrolment and to receive my end-of-year report. This is awesome, and my report wasn't awful, I'm proud to say - actually it was really good! And I have two months of holidays, now, so basically I have done jackshit for the past week, aside from becoming essentially nocturnal and living on my couch with an endless supply of DVDs and books. BEAUTIFUL. But this is before the EPIC BATTLE (or so they say) that is Year Twelve, oh god. I'm scared, you guys, hold me?

My hairfs have been cut - I went to the hairdresser yesterday, and told the guy cutting my hair that I didn't really give a crap about what he did as long as long as I looked human, and I now look like an Audrey Kawasaki character - though not disgustingly rake-thin (just add an extra ten or so kilos and there you go, blub blub blub). It's not bad.

Tomorrow I am going out with Coral to wreak havoc on the city of Melbourne and get my folio and paintings and other things from Studio. Coral has a day off exams so she called me and wanted to know whether I wanted to chill with her for the day, and she realised last night that we've never actually been drunk together. THIS MUST BE RECTIFIED IMMEDIATELY. In the meantime, the purchasing of sex rolls, trawling of Chinatown and other such us-things will be done before I haul myself off to my job interview, hurray! Friday, I'm thinking of going to the beach, down the Frankston line to Carrum and kicking back with a few people. Hrm.

Hey, all the Goldfrapp fans I know (there are a few of you out there, right?) - THE NEW ALBUM IS REALLY QUITE GOOD. Seventh Tree was due to be released on February 25th with first single 'A&E' to come out on the twelfth, but somebody has apparently got a hold of the album and leaked it onto torrent sites three months early. Amazing, the power of the internet. It took me six hours to download on dial-up, but wow, definitely worth it. Very summery and folksy, a definite departure from the glamorous, disco vibe on Supernature - which, to be honest, wasn't all that great, Black Cherry crapped all over it.

Sean (and by proxy, Leigh) - have fun in pantsy-France, okay? Will miss you.

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